105 Route 101A, Unit 7
Amherst, NH 03031
Fax 603-883-2290

Unicote Halco

Lead Free Horizontal Solder Leveling Equipment


  • Economical Horizontal In-Line Leveling
  • RoHS Compliant Lead Free Solder
  • Compatible with all circuit processing from flexible to rigid up to .250" thick
  • Re-solder routed inventory to a Lead Free surface
  • Preheat through Cool Down, maintain a consistent thermal profile with minimal thermal shock
  • Strict process standards allow surface mount pads to be uniformly coated to a thickness controlled within a 3 sigma standard deviation

Unicote Finishes

Lead Free Horizontal Solder Leveling Service


  • RoHS Compliant Lead Free Solder
  • Proven Horizontal Application Process for both Rigid and Flex Materials
  • Delivers Horizontal Benefit of Consistent
  • Finish Thickness
  • In-system Preheat Process results in Less Thermal Shock to PCB
  • Horizontal processing means No Dwell Time in Solder Pot

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